The Georgia Alliance for Quality Child Care’s mission is to assist child care learning centers (Center) and family child care learning home (Family) providers in improving quality of care and financial stability with easy and low cost online access. Launched in March 2010, this unique design of resources and tools provides support to counties across the state. The Alliance was developed as a result of a national movement to create Shared Service Alliances across the United States and continues to grow in strength and number. GAQCC is a not-for-profit cooperative, so all proceeds go toward funding our services.

Membership into GAQCC is open to all and Center and Family providers that are committed to improving quality and financial stability. Current cost for Family providers that are not enrolled in a quality improvement program is $50; and, $225 for Centers. The first year is funded by scholarships when a provider is enrolled in Quality Rated. The average cash savings from discounts to providers is more than 4 times the suggested fee.

Currently, services are primarily delivered via the website, with Atlanta metro services such as training, delivered in person. Additional networking services are in place for peer-to peer Director Support Meetings. For a demonstration of the website please contact Laura Newman, Director of the Georgia Alliance for Quality Child Care.

The website provides numerous cost and time savings resources including but not limited to:

• Program Administration tools
• Parenting Resources
• Quality Rated Support
• Cost Savings with multiple vendors

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The Georgia Alliance for Quality Child Care
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